church fullSt. Lawrence’s is the Parish Church of Biddulph. It’s an exciting place to be. We’re here to worship God and serve Him in our community.

You’re welcome to join us at any of our services on Sundays at 9.15am, 11 o’clock and 6.30pm. There is also a weekday morning service each Wednesday at 10.00.

Our 9.15 Traditional Service is aimed at those who prefer structure and familiarity in their worship and who find security in order. It is often prayerful, reflective and meditative.

At the 11.00 Contemporary Service, there is plenty of interaction and participation. Children and families are very much welcome.

The 18.30 service has a mixture of styles of worship and music.

We also have many other activities and groups including:

  • small groups which meet fortnightly in homes around the parish
  • a regular prayer meeting on Wednesday mornings
  • a whole host of other activities for children, young people, women, men etc.
  • courses – on some of the essentials of the Christian faith

Why are we here? 

We’re here to worship God and to serve Him in His world, seeking to live out what we believe!

We pray that in our worship God will meet with us so that our worship may honour Him, and also that our lives may be enriched and equipped to serve Him through the rest of the week.

What do we believe? 

  • that we are all God’s people – loved by Him.
  • that God the Father loved us so much that He sent His only Son Jesus into the world to save us from our sins and to bring us back to Him.
  • that God continues His work in the world today by His Holy Spirit.
  • that He answers prayer and is able to heal.
  • that God calls everyone to follow Him in response to His love and that He calls all His followers to share His love with others.