VIBES 2024

VIBES 2024

BOOKINGS ARE NOW OPEN FOR VIBES 2024 which will be held from Monday 5th to Friday 9th August.

To bookfor the week, please use the QR Code in the image below or CLICK OR TAP HERE

Vibes is the holiday club run by St. Lawrence’s Church for school-age children up to the end of Year 8.  If you’ve grown up in Biddulph there’s a good chance you attended it as a child as it started in 1965!!  It’s seen all sorts of changes over the years, and this year is no exception.

Our theme this year is ‘Deep Sea Divers’

Climb aboard a submarine and get ready to dive deep into the sea, through the shallows,
midnight zone and down into the trenches at the very bottom of the ocean.
What animals might you
How long will it take?
Will there be any light
at all on the ocean floor?
Deep Sea Divers invites children to become Divers and explore the oceans – diving deep into the sea while learning about Jesus.

There’ll be crafts, games, songs, and stories from the Bible on Monday-Thursday and a chance for the whole family to get together and have fun on Friday as they have a go at water themed activities.Children must be accompanied by an adult on the Friday (note the slightly different times) but are left with us in their groups Monday-Thursday.

Spaces are limited according to age-group, all tickets cost £20 for the week and bookings close on 28 July 2024.

Contact the Church Office for further information.