St. Lawrence’s has a peal of 6 bells, which were originally donated by Robert Heath and are hung in the Bell Tower.

The bells are rung:

  • for about 30 minutes before our 11am Sunday morning service
  • occasionally, before the 6.30pm service, also on Sunday.
  • when requested for weddings, where ringing will start about 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin and then again at the end of the service
  • sometimes, when a single bell is tolled before a funeral service.
  • occasionally, when there is a Ringing Practice one night during the week
  • very infrequently when a team of ringers from another church may visit.

If you’d like to hear the bells being rung, you can check on the times of services by picking up a copy of ‘St. Lawrence’s Link’, our notice sheet, at any church service.

If you’re interested in becoming a bellringer, contact our Tower Captain, John Hazeldine, via the Church Office.

Each of the bells has its own inscription:

  • My gentle voice shall lead the cheerful sound, Peace to this Parish; May goodwill abound.
  • May all In truth and harmony rejoice, To honour Church and Queen with heart and voice.
  • Prosperity attend Old England’s shore; Let Biddulph flourish, now and evermore.
  • With loving voice I call to Church and Prayer, And bid the living for the grave prepare.
  • For mercies undeserved this peal is raised, And may Thy Name, O God, through Christ be praised.
  • To the Honour and Glory of God this peal of six bells was given to the Parish Church of Biddulph by Robert Heath Esq, of Biddulph Grange. 1873.

The church tower also houses a clock which chimes on the hour. You can see a video about the church clock HERE.

More information about the history of St. Lawrence’s may be found HERE.