Chrissi is our Youth and Children's Leader. Find out all about her.

‘Hi, my name’s Chrissi (Christine really, but only when I’m in trouble!) and I’m passionate about children and young people getting to know God and living their best life.  I’ve known God’s provision in so many ways since I became a Christian at the age of 15 and I’m sure there’s nothing better than encountering God when you’re young.

I grew up in London and got involved in the youth group at my local Baptist Church but it wasn’t until we moved across the road from a tiny Baptist Church that I really started to explore what a relationship with God meant for me.  I came to Stoke on Trent at 18 to study, stuck around and worked in local media whilst volunteering with youth groups at church before I started to explore how God was leading me to work full-time with young people.  I worked with Staffs Youth Service and in Bentilee before moving to Nottingham to finish my degree with CYM.  Since then I’ve mainly been in Blythe Bridge (with a short escape to Congleton) serving the churches there, overseeing the children’s and youth work and building strong community links.

It’s all-change ahead though, Brian (my VERY HUNGRY cat) and I moved to Kidsgrove and started a new adventure getting to know the wonderful people of Biddulph.  I’m sure God is leading us all into some fresh waters, let’s see what fun we can have on the journey.


Chrissi can be contacted by phone ) 07757 526212
and by email